Starting the Trail…

This blog is about running trails throughout Georgia. I enjoy running trails much more than on paved ones, so you will see plenty of those on here. I will of course probably post alot of the ones I know of in the Atlanta area but if I miss any please contact me and let me know. I’m always looking for others to explore and run on… and would love to share them on here.

Along with talking about these trails I will also provide Google Earth KMZ files, photos, aerials, and/or diagrams and maps. With this information I’ll provide mileage information too, which I typically compile via Google Earth to map out my distances on these trails. I do use the app “Mapmyrun”, which uses the GPS on my phone and vectors my runs. I’ve found that both resources are usually within a tolerable range of each other.

So, without further rambling… Here is the first trail I’ll share with you…

Sope Creek Recreation Area

SopeCreek_lowerruins2Image: One of two Sope Creek Mill Ruins down along the creek

KMZ File for running Trail paths


Terrain: wide trails to single track, easy to moderate, some dirt but lots of areas with roots and stone. Hilly sections and no real flat sections.

Distance: Multiple loops that can be combined for a 1.3 mile run to 6.5 mile runs or further if connecting to Powers Ferry Fitness Loop area.

Resources: Pay fee Required $3 (yearly pass $25 for whole Chattahoochee Recreation Area). Paved parking, no restrooms and no trash bins. Functioning water fountain at trail-head and a few picnic tables.

Links: NPS Map link

These trails are apart of the Chattahoochee National Recreation area. The trails being discussed here are accessed from the parking area for the Sope Creek Ruins along Papermill Road, in Marietta, Ga.

What is great about the trails here is that you have a ton of different loops to choose from. Some of these loops are short, but they all provide nice scenery and hilly trails. The provided link (above) is the KMZ for some of the trails I run from the Sope Creek Parking area. They run from an easy  to moderate to longer runs that connect partly to the Powers Ferry Fitness Loop (I’ll have a post later on this one), and connect back into the Sope Creek trails by different access points.

Some of these trails are shared with bikers, while others allow no bikes and just hikers/runners. What is nice about running from here is that even though it is accessed quite frequently there is always an available place to park. That isn’t the case on some of the trailheads at Powers Ferry and Columns Drive.

The following are the trail loops I have marked for distance and are included in the attached KMZ file I linked to above. The trails loops here go from 1.3 miles to over 6.5 miles. I’m going to show off 4 of them here so you get a sense of them visually.

First is the main 3 mile loop I sometimes run. This trail loop runs from the parking area along the main trail and then follows the new bike loop trail off to the left and runs along Sope Creek up on the cliff above it. It then winds down to the apartments nearby and then along a small stream and connects back to the main trail which will bring you back to the parking area.

Sope Creek Loop  4Here is a 3.65 Mile trail which is pretty much the same as the one above but with adding a second loop leg to the trail for a little added distance. This is just to show how you can combine loops for various runs throughout the Sope Creek trails here.

Sope Creek Loop  5

This 5 Mile trail is one of the longer ones and runs along the main trail that connects to the Powers Ferry Fitness Loop. Part of this run does go along the fitness loop and the turn-around point is at the Columns Drive parking area which has a water fountain to cool you off for the run back.

Sope Creek Loop 7

Finally, here is the 6.5 Mile Loop which follows the main trail but then takes full advantage of both “outer” loops that are fairly new for the Sope Creek area. They put these trails in for extending the biking trails (not all trails allow bikes), and so it gives more options for running for fun and fairly challenging trails.

Sope Creek Loop 9There is of course a number of other combinations one could do but I’ve covered what I think are a decent range of distances for trail options and the ones I’ve run here. Up next I’ll be posting some of the running trails that start from the Powers Ferry Area and the main fitness Loop, which connects to the trails at Sope Creek of course…


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