Week 3 – Marathon Training

2013-12-08_HRMThis week was full of stuff – training, a 5K race, new shoes, and a possible new injury that is a concern. Oh, and the weather has sucked all week long… cold and rainy non-stop 😦

My training went pretty well this last week. My schedule had me doing a 3 mile, 6 mile, 3 mile, a day off on Friday and then a 6 mile and 8 mile for my long run on Sunday. It was a step-down week on the long run. What was different about this week though was trying to give my body some relief. Knowing I was going to cut down on my long run I decided I also needed to change up a little.

I ran my 3 mile and 6 mile to start out the week but on Thursday I decided to ride my bike instead of running the 3 miles for that day. I took a long lunch that day and rode my bike from the house to Sope Creek and did a 3 mile loop there on the trails before heading back to the house. I tried at first to keep my HR within my aerobic zone but I found pretty quickly this was going to be near impossible, so I just rode and didn’t worry about it. I put in about 10 miles on the bike, 3 on trails with a little bit of climbing, and did all that in about an hour. I decided to do the bike ride instead of my run to give my right ankle and my Plantar Fasciitis a break while still getting in the needed cardio for training.

Mizuno-WaveSayonaraOn Friday I had an off day and decided to hit Big Peach Running to check on some shoes. I spent an hour with Steve at the Marietta location trying on a number of shoes. The experience was first class and I recommend anyone who runs to shop from a local running shoe store rather than from the “big box” stores. What was great was that I was talking to a guy who knew running, He was a runner himself, and the store focuses on just that… running. After talking about my goals and some of the issues I’ve been having of late we picked out about 3 pairs of shoes to try out. We started out with the newer version of my Brooks Cadence shoe, then progress to a Saucony and then a Altra and Adidas Shoe. After running in the parking lot in each, and even the treadmill and doing a cadence test, while I was video taped, I finally tried out the Mizuno Wave Sayonara. After trying them all out it came down to feel and I chose to purchase the Mizuno. The shoe just felt comfortable on my feet. I wouldn’t have bet on that as the shoe I would end up with before walking into Big Peach LOL

Saturday morning I headed out for a 5K. It was the Jingle Job 5K run at Perimeter Mall in Dunwoody. I invited by some friends to join them on the race, So I figured “why not?”. I hadn’t run a 5K race probably sense high school. Based on where my training was I figured breaking 20 minutes would be a nice time and so that was my goal. I started out pretty quick with a 6:15 first mile but tapered off to a 7:00 second mile (it was a slight incline most of that mile) and then finished with a 6:37 last .9 miles (yep, the course was short). So I ended up with a 19:08 short 5K. The course was about .2 miles short so I figured with my pace I was ahead of my 20 minute goal 🙂 Oh, and I ran in my new Mizuno’s too… they felt great.

I was supposed to put in a 6 mile run on Saturday and since a 5K is 3 miles short of that I decided to go riding on the bike at Sope Creek. I started from the Papermill Parking area and rode down to the fitness loop, rode the whole fitness loop, and then road back to the parking area. I rode for about 8 and a half miles for about an hour 20. I think that made up for the 3 miles I was short.

Sunday I woke to a misty cold wet morning. I decided I was going to run down at the River and so headed that way. I brought with me a light rain hoodie to wear over my two layers  of dry-fit short & long sleeve. Starting from the Columns drive parking area I ran the fitness loop, packed gravel/dirt road. I stopped for water back at the Columns drive parking are and then headed down columns. About a half mile in a suddenly felt a stabbing pain to the outside of my left ankle. It felt uncomfortable enough that I stopped running for a second and felt around the ankle. I stretched it for a second and decided on what to do. I started out again to see if maybe the pain would stay or go away. I slowed my pace slightly and soon the pain kind of went away. I finished my run and felt some discomfort a couple of times but it was never enough to prevent me from finishing my run. The first question in my mind was… “is it the shoes?”. I certainly hope not.

Now I’m dealing with 2 foot/ankle issues… one on each foot 😦 I’m taking a day off today and might test it out tomorrow but from what I’m reading online I’m probably going to be headed to the doc soon to have it looked at. Crossing my fingers this is not going to effect my running the Publix in March.

This week I saw more pace improvement on my 180 method training. Even with a little bit different week of training (having 2 bike rides to instead of runs) I shaved off about 8 seconds from last week on my pace while maintaining my HR below 138. See the following pics that compare my mile splits and pace (week 3 chart on right). Crossing fingers I my ankle/foot issues are minor and that I will be able to maintain my training schedule and continue the training pace progress…

2013-11-30_11milesplitsTrail Run_2013-12-08_Chart


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