Week 4 – Marathon Training

Wee 4 Long Run watchtimeAnother week in the books and another miserable cold and rainy one. There was an incident from last week that had an effect on this week of training. If you read my last post about Week 3 of my training you will see my write-up about buying some new shoes. I headed over to Big Peach Running in Marietta and ended up purchasing the Mizuno Wave Sayanara. I ran in the Mizuno’s during my 5K race Saturday and they felt great. Then on Sunday I ran a 8 mile run. Halfway through the run I all of a sudden felt a sharp stabbing pain on my outer left ankle, just below the main bone there. I finished my run but was a bit concerned.

Monday arrived and the ankle felt very sore. I was beside myself as I’ve been dealing with right ankle issues for a while now. After work I got home and started to put the Mizuno shoes on to walk Sally, my dog… I couldn’t even wear the shoes. I felt the pain immediately on the ankle 😦 OK, so it has to be the shoes!? I put on my old Brooks and no problems.

I took Monday and Tuesday off from running to give my ankle and body some rest. I wasn’t fully sure yet if it was the shoes or not with my left ankle. Wednesday I headed back to Big Peach and told them what had happened and I decided to put on the Saucony Kinvaras. These were the shoes I had decided against and went with the Mizunos. The guy who helped me said I wasn’t the first to complain about the Mizuno shoe and the pressure it puts on the ankle. You hear that Mizuno? I actually really liked the shoe but for the fact it actually caused a direct injury to my ankle 😦 You guys over at Mizuno might want to look at the rim of the shoe and how stiff it is… there really is no reason it needs to be that stiff.

The Kinvara was similar to the Mizuno but had a slightly thicker mid-sole and a little less of a drop (4mm). As soon as I put it on I felt nothing at my ankle where the Sayanara’s hurt. And the guys at Big Peach where really great about it and I decided to pic up a Big Peach running long sleeve shirt too 🙂 They did an even trade on the shoes even though the Mizunos got slightly dirty on my 8 miler…

I’ve run in the Kinvara’s this week and I’ve like the shoe so far. It fits my foot well and my feet feel very natural in them. I don’t feel any restriction from the shoe and though the cushioning does seem fairly stiff to me, the ride I’m getting with them has been pleasant. Here are a few pics of the shoe I took so you can see if for yourself.

Kinvara-top Kinvara-front-top   Kinvara-side Kinvara-bottom Kinvara-front

Another interesting development this week has been with my pace and Heart Rate. I started out with a 8:20 pace for 4 miles on Wednesday (I decided to add a mile to my run since I was missing out on a run this week) but my pace declined over each run leading to my long run today (Sunday). I’m really not sure what caused the pace decrease but I do know Dr. Phil Maffetone talks about how stress can effect your HR. I did have some stress at work this week so maybe that is it? I had seen steady increase in my pace the first 3 weeks so I was a bit surprised by the off week on the pace. We’ll see how next week goes.

Week 4 Training runs

My long run was 13 miles this week. I decided to run on the Silver Comet Trail. The trail is paved, long, and flat. The weather was brutal. Cold, high 30’s when I started, and windy. The “feels like” temps read 30. I ran with my Nathan belt. Even though my pace was a bit slower, per my HR 180 training method, I was consistent and felt I put in a good run. See my splits below and compare them to last week’s splits (Week 3 splits first).

Trail Run_2013-12-08_Chart Week 4 Long Run Splits


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  1. fifomatic says:

    I love Mizuno!! The only shoe I’m comfortable with.

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