Week 7 & STOP!

SopeCreek_Tail& Lake_pan

In short, my training has been put on hold and I’m not going to running the Publix marathon 😦 After trying to stretch, massage, and take a few days off I realized after a 8 mile run that my IT band was toast. The pain in my knee was so bad that I knew pushing anymore miles out of my legs was going to be trouble. It took a week or two for it all to soak in but I finally came to realize that pushing through this kind of pain was not going to be the right thing to do.

I’ve been consistent on running from January of 2013 through to the beginning of 2014. I was consistently putting in 5 day running weeks all year except for a week off after my Half race and a couple of 2 or 3 days rest a couple of times when I was feeling under the weather. My fitness level has been great but I think I realized, after battling with first my ankle, then the Plantar Fascitiis, and then the IT band/knee pain that my body just needed some time off.

I tried to run a couple of weeks ago at Sope Creek for a short 3 mile trail run. I felt good and didn’t experience any knee pain or discomfort. The next day I was stupid and did a 6 mile hike/run combo at Kennesaw Mountain, I had to walk/hike the last 2 miles, which I had planned on running, because the pain became too much. I did all of this after taking a week off of any running or physical activity.

This last weekend I decided to give a go at a easy 3 miles at Sope Creek again. I brought Sally along so that I would not push too much, as I would be dragging her along past about a 9:30 or so pace. Anyhow, a mile and a half in the knee pain started and didn’t stop the rest of the run. I probably should have stopped but the pain was manageable. Later in the day I could hardly walk 😦

So, I’ve realized that with more rest I need to take this injury seriously. It has already effected me mentally in several areas of my life.  I’m now trying to decide what is next for recovery. It has been a mentally spiritually tough couple of weeks.

I did go mountain biking Saturday before last as the weather was beautiful. Along the way I took some panoramic pics with my phone. The following shots are from Sope Creek and the shot up top is from my hike/run at Kennesaw Mountain last weekend. The pic was on the trail between the two peaks.






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