Chattahoochee-IndianTrl-Sally-hikeThe the injuries have put a stop to my marathon training. It is amazing how much time I’ve had to do other things πŸ™‚ That being said I’ve been itching to get back to pounding the earth with my feet and legs. While taking about a month and a half off from running I certainly haven’t been complacent. I’ve taken a few bike rides and I’ve tried getting out to hike as much as possible.

This winter has been a cold one and Atlanta was hit with two storms within a 3 week period. The first came as a shock to the city and practically shut it down for a full day, as well as keeping people trapped/stranded in their cars, stuck in grid-lock that was throughout the city (some stranded for up to 18 hours). Being as I’ve experienced how Atlantans react to such weather I stayed at the office and decided I’d walk home, instead of getting stuck in craziness. That worked out well and got my legs moving for a little 6.5 mile hike through snow and ice to get home. 2 hours was my time, which was by far well above the average of what it took most everyone who tried to drive home πŸ™‚ The pic below is from Powers Ferry Road as I approached the Chattahoochee River. And yes, those cars you see lined up are not moving… who knows how long they sat there.


To some extent my injury induced running break came at a good time. From the weather and my work load I’ve been pretty busy. I’ve gotten a chance to catch up on some photography work and organize my “stuff” at home.

Weekend before last I decided to head up to the mountains to go hiking. I grabbed Sally and my camera gear and headed north. I ended up at Blood Mountain and the following picks I took while there. There was a good foot of snow at the top and I probably hiked in snow about 80% of the hike. It was a beautiful day and I even think Sally had a blast hiking in the white stuff.




Last week I decided that I wanted to give my legs a test and so took off after work on that Tuesday for a short run. I brought Sally along and ran around the neighborhood for a 1.5 mile slow run. For whatever reason I decided I would wear my old Brooks Pure Cadence shoes for the run instead of my Kinvarva’s. Apparently a good choice because I felt no pain in my knee from the IT band issues. I did feel some tightness in my hip area, but overall I finished the run feeling good (though my cardio is lacking after not running for a month and a half).

A couple of days later I took off again in the neighborhood for a 2 mile run. Again I put on my old Cadence shoes and took off (no Sally this time). I felt good overall and felt no pain. I did feel like I had some slight discomfort at one point towards the end, but I’m not sure how much of that was more in my head than real LOL. After the run I hit the foam roller and did lots of stretching, some core work, and push-ups.

Recnetly I came across an article that discussed IT band issues and talking about how to deal with it. The PT’s they interviewed both said that the number one suggestion they had was to improve strength in the glutes and suggested a couple of exercises. I’ve been doing those with the foam roller and stretching and I think it has made a difference.

Finally, last weekend I took a drive up to Rope Mill to ride on the trails there for the first time. It is a city park located in Woodstock, Ga. that has a number of mile to mile and a half trail loops tied together. I rode for about 50 minutes and really enjoyed some new trails and scenery. A couple of pics from there below.




The next day after riding I decided to take Sally for a hike at the River and parked at the trail-head off of Indian Trail, just off of Northside Drive. I hadn’t been to these trials in a while and hiked most of it, but did decide to run a little along the way. I probably put in a mile and felt good. The below pics are a few from along the way.




So, to end this post, I feel with the rest and recuperation I’ve had lately that I’m ready to physically and mentally get back to start running again on a more consistent basis. I decided to purchase some new shoes tonight (the Brooks Pure Cadence 3’s). These will replace the Cadence 2’s I ran in for the second half of 2013 and the Savannah Half I did back in November. I don’t think after my IT band issues I can put on the Kinvara’s again 😦 It’s probably mental, but I don’t care. I’m going to be taking it slow over the next month, but I’m hoping that by the time we are in the full swing of Spring I’ll be figuring out which race I’ll start training for… So stay tuned πŸ™‚


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