5 weeks, The Good & Bad


Just before heading out on my 10 miler… am I angry? Or focused?  🙂 It was a bit chilly that day.

Since my last post a couple of weeks ago I’ve really started to see some improvements in my fitness. Things took a slight setback when I started my training in late November. I ended up getting a nasty sinus infection which put me behind a week. When that happened I switched training plans and went from a 18 week plan to a 16 week plan. But back to my improvements…

Last weekend saw my first double digit mileage run I’ve done since the end of 2014 when attempting my last marathon. I decided to hit the Silver Comet trail for a 10 mile run and test out where I was with my heart rate (The Comet trail is long, paved and consistent with long slow grade changes). Much of my training during the week had2016-01-05_Garmin Matrix been in and around my neighborhood, which throws at me some hills (this will hopefully pay off when I run the Publix as I know its a challenging and Hilly course). If you reference the matrix I’ve posted here you will see my chart from Garmin over all of December and the first few days of 2016 (click on it to see a more readable size).

I started out with my training, using the MAF method, being at about 11:00/mile pace. On my 10 mile run I had a pretty consistent run and logged a 10:07/ mile pace. That is nearly a minute in just about 4 weeks. I know of course that I won’t see that type of improvement every 4 weeks moving forward, but I know where I was just 2 years ago with my fitness and feel that If I stay the course I can probably be at about a 9:00/mile pace by race time while staying in my aerobic zone (possibly a bit faster, but I’m trying to keep it conservative for now).

That is the GOOD!!!

The bad part is a small moment during my 10 mile run. The day was a bit chilly so I started out at an easy pace with just a little bit of light stretching before I started. About a mile in on the run I felt a small “pull” or “tug” at the inside of my right knee/leg. I stopped and walked for a few seconds wondering what had just happened. I didn’t feel any pain so started to run again with being conscious of my knee/leg. I finished out my run with no problems and no further issues (but the feeling was definitely on my mind).

I took to the trails on Sunday and mountain biked at Sope Creek for an hour. My energy level has really picked up the last week or so, which gives me another sign that my fitness level is really improving. The next day I did my 4 mile scheduled run and again felt this “pull” on my right leg after about a mile in. I again finished the run with no pain but I did feel the leg or pull a bit more several times during the run (It was very cold, below 320 degrees during the run). I had an off day on Tuesday and Wednesday was to see a 5 mile scheduled run. I tested out the legs and decided I needed another day off just to be on the safe side.

Today I’m planning on running on my lunch but I’m not feeling confident in my leg. I’ve felt tenderness in the area of my MCL, as well as tenderness in the tendon on the inside of my right leg that attaches to the inside portion of my knee. That’s the BAD!!!

I’m going to take it easy and try my run today but I’m going to be very careful. I’ve felt no pain on any of my runs but I’m concerned as I’ve been battling injury bug the last 2 years.

I’ll hopefully have a positive update on my next post…


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