6 Weeks in…

Martix-Week 6

Note: Took an extra rest day (see my comments below)

I left off my last blog post about some concerns. I’ll start this one with a continuation of those and move into week 6 of training.

The inner part of my right knee is still sore. I’ve felt it a bit more this week, but it has been more soreness, not any pain. I’ve bought a compression sleeve to try out and see if it helps. I’m not a huge fan of this approach, but I’m going to experiment and see how it goes. I’ve typically thought that if you are having to wear some kind of support to do an activity, like running, that you should probably consider not doing that activity, until you can resume it without any type of support. So, I’m going against my own “philosophy” on this for now.

Another interesting development, dealing with my body, has to do with how my left calve felt after a full body massage I had over the weekend. I ran my scheduled 4 mile run on Monday with no issues with the calve, though I felt a bit of tightness. It was fairly sore that evening and into the next day, but today, as I type this before my 6 mile run, it seems to be just fine. Of course this has caused a little concern as this is the same calve that blew up on me last year just before my marathon attempt in Savannah 😦

Trying out the Course


The Beltline going under Freedom Parkway (I think)

Last weekend my long run was 11 miles. After a relatively easy run at the Silver Comet for my 10 miler I decided I needed more elevation change on my next long run. What better place to do this than on parts of the Publix Marathon course that I’m currently training for? So, I pulled up my Garmin Connect course thingy and mapped out a 11 mile loop.



Half way through… Time for a GU 🙂

I started the run at Piedmont Park and heading south along the Beltline. The paved part of the Beltline essentially ends where I needed to head east, just north of Dekalb Ave. I headed east and this put me in Little Five Points. From there I meandered along the “Path” to the Candler Park golf course, which the Publix course goes around. After turning down Clifton I eventually ran into North Ponce and then picked up the Publix Course at Lilliwater Ave. (Though I did discover later that I didn’t quite run on the proper streets that make up the course but the elevation changes I made here were what I will expect in the race on this section of the course – that was the point). I eventually made it back to Piedmont Park and finished my 11 miles in the park.

11 mile map course

The 11 mile course


One interesting item to this 11 mile run was my elevated heart rate. It was elevated from the beginning.  I consumed a Duncan Donuts large coffee on my way down to Midtown Atlanta, and a bagel with cream cheese. I’m guessing that I had an elevated HR because of the caffeine? This put my overall avg. HR at 145 for the 11 miles, which is roughly 10 Heartbeats per minute more than I have been training at with roughly the same pace (staying within my aerobic zone). I also probably saw a larger increase as I was running on much larger and longer elevation changes throughout the run.


11 mile - watch

Final Results

The positive in all of this is I was not intimidated at all by the hills going through the Druid Hills section of the run. I’ve read over and over again this is the toughest part of the course (it starts at about 18 miles in with several grueling hills). Granted I only was putting in a 11 mile run, not even half of the marathon distance, but I felt like I moderated my HR and pace well through the toughest climbs and felt good coming out of that section with plenty more to give.

I’ll be seeing at least 2 more long runs that will put me on portions of the Publix course. I’m thinking my 14 mile and 18 mile runs will be run along the course.

My 4 Mile run Monday had me at a 9:41 pace with a 131 HR. I was consciously trying to run a little easier being concerned about both my calve and my right knee/MCL soreness. I say that to say that my HR on my 11 miler had to be an anomaly?





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