7 Weeks MTB & Training

2015-09-11 17.47.47

The MTB – Fuji 29’er carbon fiber frame. Love this bike.

After my last post, and how my legs were feeling (calve & right knee), doubt was starting to creep into my mind about continuing my training. I was really beginning to wonder if continuing on was a smart move. I decided to mix my training up and on my second short run of the week took to the trails on my mountain bike. An idea that I think has really helped my legs.

NR-700 trail pic

New Lamp lighting up the Trail

I started the week with my typical 4 mile run ( I mentioned this one at the end of my last post). Wednesday saw a 6 mile run that I tried to run easy. Thursday I decided to mix up my training with a bike ride instead of a run. I was scheduled to do 4 miles but put in about 11 miles on the bike. My thinking was to give my calve and knee a break but still get in some comparable cardio. I also just bought a new LED bike light I wanted to try out. It is the Night Rider 700 and you can see how bright the sucker is with the picture I’ve posted here. I was very impressed and felt I could maintain my normal speed on the trails. But back to my training…

The bike ride was a good mix-up and was a help for my leg concerns. Saturday morning I woke up dreading my 12 mile run. Mentally I was just not wanting to do the run. Instead of getting up I laid in bed reading on my tablet and goofing around. I then decided I wanted to get some breakfast and so headed to J Christopher’s for a meal and coffee. After hitting the Car Wash place and cleaning my over-due dirty car, I headed back to the house, still not looking forward to my run. After doing some laundry I finally decided to get my butt going.

Like the previous week my Heart Rate was elevated again (Caffeine?). As you can see in my activities log posted below I ran with a higher HR than other days during the week. Because I was “nursing” my legs a bit I ran much slower than I had been in recent weeks during my training.

My route for this 12 mile run was from my house to the Sope Creek Trailhead (4 miles) on Papermill Road. Once at Sope Creek, and a sip of water, I headed into the trails for 2 miles before putting down a GU and heading back to the trailhead (4 miles out & back). Then after another sip of water I head back to the house (4 miles).


Top of Kennesaw Mountain

The next day, wanting to stretch out my legs a bit I headed over the Kennesaw Mtn. for a hike with my dog Sally. It turned out to be a really nice day and the hike up the mountain I think really helped in my recovery from the long run.

I’m feeling positive going into week 8. So far this week I’m feeling mentally alot more positive and am looking forward to my 14 mile run on Saturday.

Week 7 activity

Activity Log from Week 7 (doesn’t include hike Sunday)


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