Photo By FlyThis site is maintained by Scott Moore. Scott’s interest in running goes back to his days playing in youth soccer leagues. While doing a fundraiser for his soccer club team, at age 9, Scott ran 10 miles, doing continous loops around a soccer field. The following year he completed 13 miles. From there running was something that was always a part of Scott’s life. Last year, living for a short time in South Africa, Scott had the opportunity to witness the famous Comrades Marathon (A race from Durban to Petermeritzberg in KwaZulu Natal). This was just on the heels of his reading of Born to Run and a reinvigorated to start running again (after just turning 40).

Now back in the States Scott runs atleast 5 days a week and is currently working towards training for 1/2 and full marathons and has an ultimate goal of running the Comrade’s Marathon in 2014. This site is about sharing fun running trails but will also probably become a place that he share’s his experiences training and racing.

To learn more about Scott and his many interests you can visit him and see lots of his work on the following pages:

WSM Photography

Easterwaterfalls Database (waterfall database of every state east of the Mississippi)

Flickr (Photography dumping ground)

500px (Photography showcase)

Order Prints @ FineArtAmerica


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